Recovering In Taos, New Mexico

At Vista Taos, our majestic natural environment provides perspective, beauty, and inspiration for those beginning their journeys to recovery. Nestled beneath the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the city of Taos invites you to contemplate Mother Nature, renew your spirit, and change your life.

Recovering In Taos - come to Vista Taos

The Benefits of Nature in Recovery

Nature can be a powerful ally in your healing process. It soothes feelings of mental anguish and spiritual alienation while restoring your physical health and overall well-being. Taos is famous for its clean, clear skies and year-round sunshine; when you spend time walking through the grounds of Vista Taos, you’re bathed in fresh air and warm sunlight. You’ll reap the benefits of vitamin D and serotonin boosts as a result of your time outdoors.

Research has shown that spending time in nature improves your mental health. Drugs and alcohol cause you to disconnect from the people and things around you; going outside reconnects you to your senses. You’ll experience feelings of unity with nature, humanity, and a Higher Power that can guide you through any obstacles in recovery. Connecting with nature provides quiet time to reflect on your feelings and events, and it also reawakens your sense of gratitude for the life you have.

Experience Taos, New Mexico for yourself.

About Taos

Framed by the Rocky Mountains and Rio Grande Gorge, Taos, New Mexico is one of America’s foremost art colonies. Rich with Native American history and culture, Taos is also home to a World Heritage Site, ski resort, and iconic churches. Even if they initially come to the area for outdoor recreation, fine art, or landmark sites, people are ultimately drawn to New Mexico’s Soul of the Southwest to find new meaning in life.

Reawaken your sense of awe in Taos, New Mexico. At Vista Taos, our accredited, evidence-based programs can help you to find yourself again. To learn more about how we can help you recover from addiction, contact us today.