Holistic Addiction Services

The disease of addiction affects all areas of a person’s life: their mental health, physical well-being and spirituality. That’s why Vista Taos Renewal Center offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to treatment. Our blend of evidence-based treatments combine to create a truly transformative experience.

holistic addiction services

Holistic & Integrated Treatments

Addiction is pervasive, permeating many areas of one’s life.  At Vista Taos, clients are introduced to a variety of complementary therapies to support their treatment and recovery. Our commitment to help heal the mind, body, and spirit allows our clients to establish a strong foundation of recovery.

Clients participate in and experience

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest treatments for alleviating pain and reducing stress.  Research has shown that massage therapy during detox can assist in decreasing symptoms of withdrawal, reducing associated stress and may encourage greater participation in the overall treatment process.


Yoga postures have been proven to relax both the body and the mind to improve one’s overall emotional well-being.  Yoga helps reduce stress and tension, release anger, promote flexibility and positive energy, quiets the mind and heals the spirit.

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Meditation has proven beneficial in allowing the mind and body to experience a sense of calm and well-being.  Individuals practicing meditation may experience a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones as they develop a relaxation response.

is another alternative method used to treat symptoms of substance abuse withdrawal.   can help reduce:  physical withdrawal symptoms,  depression and anxiety brought on by withdrawal, cravings, body aches and  headaches, nausea,  and muscle cramps.

Complementary therapies are offered by skilled professionals.