Alumni Program

Once you join the Vista Taos family, you’re a member for life. Our Alumni Group provides support and enrichment for former clients in the form of specialized events, challenges, resources and gatherings.

Alumni Program

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Our Mission

The Vista Taos Alumni Group supports former clients in their pursuit of a richer, and more rewarding quality of life as sober members of their families and communities. We endeavor to enrich the lives of our graduates experientially by connecting through social media and various special events. Participation is free and fun!


Vista Taos Renewal Center prides ourselves in supporting our clients’ sobriety long after they have left in-patient treatment. We are unique in that the majority of our medical, clinical, and administrative staff have long-term sobriety themselves which gives our organization a certain perspective and a profound understanding of what it takes to not just “get sober”, but to live a life free of substances and rich in opportunities for personal fulfillment. Spoiler alert–it takes work.

It is with this in mind that Vista Taos Renewal Center has created our Vista Taos Alumni Group. Participation in the Alumni Group is free to graduates of our in-patient program and is highly encouraged as a way to stay connected with those who have shared the truly sacred experience of getting sober. In-patient treatment is only a beginning to what promises to be a fun and rewarding way of life as a sober, contributing member of society. But for many of us, after years of using drugs or alcohol, we have forgotten or perhaps never learned what it is to maintain healthy relationships and to simply have fun without the use of mind altering substances. Together we can break the cycle and feed our spirits through a sense of community as a member of the Vista Taos Alumni Group. If you are a Vista Taos alumnus or a family member of an alumnus, please click below to join and we’ll keep you posted on all the news and upcoming events for the Alumni Group.

We'd love for you to join our alumni network.


12 Week-12 Step Challenge – An exciting new event that Vista Taos is rolling out for the first time in 2019. The Challenge is for anyone who wishes to supercharge their program and recommit to their recovery. Participation is open to everyone, not exclusively for alumni, and is free to join. We hope to carry the message in such a way that allows anyone with the desire to enrich their sober life to join us on this communal trip through the twelve steps of recovery.

The kickoff date for the 12 Week-12 Step Challenge is Friday, March 1, 2019. Each week you’ll receive uplifting messages corresponding to the step of the week, an assignment for that step, and printable step guides delivered right to your inbox as well as an opportunity to share in the group’s experience, strength, and hope through our Facebook 12 Week-12 Step Challenge community and our exclusive Facebook Alumni community.

Sign up today and watch for important updates in your inbox as we approach the kickoff date!

Pizza Party – This event is held quarterly in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Vista Taos Alumni and their guests are invited to attend. This is a free event. Dinner’s on us! The next pizza party, date to be announced, will be scheduled for sometime in February, 2019.

If you are an alumnus but don’t live near Albuquerque and would like to schedule a pizza party in your area, contact Kerri Trujillo at (575)613-7971.

Annual Alumni Gratitude Gathering – This is event takes place annually in June on our beautiful campus in Taos, New Mexico, and is open to Vista Taos alumni and their guests, friends of Vista Taos, and members of our very robust and supportive local recovery community. The Gratitude Gathering is an all-day event and draws guests from all over the country. Hotel discounts are generally available and guests are encouraged to enjoy all that Taos has to offer; hiking, rafting, shopping, museums, galleries, and the highly revered Taos Pueblo. Plan to come, stay, and enjoy all the magnificence that is Taos.