Family Communication

When someone you love goes to treatment, you may feel a mixture of relief and anxiety. How are they doing, and what happens next? Vista Taos understands the importance of clear and frequent communication with family members and friends. With the client’s approval, we will ensure that you remain updated on your loved one’s condition.

Family Communication

Help for Families of Addicts

It’s extremely painful to see someone you love spiral into addiction. Chemical dependence seems to change everything about a person—their attitude, behavior, and priorities. A loving spouse or parent can become someone who lies, steals, and cheats. You may feel like you don’t even recognize them anymore. Convincing your loved one to seek professional help is just one part of the process; once they’re in a program, you need to start healing, too.

The staff of Vista Taos understands what you’re going through, and we want to offer the love and support needed for your recovery. Our policies are specifically designed to help the entire family unit. We approach this in two ways.

Clear, Consistent Communication

The process of finding, arranging, and completing treatment can be complex, and we know how stressful it can be when your loved one disappears into a treatment center for 30 to 90 days. That’s why we keep you updated on their progress for the duration of their stay. We’ll also clearly convey information about what you can expect while your loved one is at Vista Taos. Finally, we always make an effort to include loved ones in aftercare planning.

This coordination keeps family members aware of what’s going on, involves them in the recovery process, and alleviates anxiety during treatment. It also has the added benefit of building accountability for the person in our care. Once they finish their primary program, clients know that their loved ones are educated about addiction and recovery, and that they won’t be enabling them anymore.

Questions about family communication and resources? We're standing by.

Family Referrals, Resources, and Programs

Studies show that family involvement improves long-term outcomes for the addicted individual and their loved ones. For this reason, we recommend that you participate in the educational, supportive recovery groups endorsed by Vista Taos. These allow families to explore concepts like healthy boundaries, enabling vs. helping, and reconciliation.

The Vista Taos team will connect you with local resources like Al-Anon or providers specializing in the CRAFT approach (Community Reinforcement and Family Training). These organizations can provide your family with the understanding and support needed for lasting recovery.

Prioritizing Family Involvement in Addiction Recovery

At Vista Taos, our counselors put families back together. If your relationships have been strained by substance abuse, we can help. Our holistic approach heals the whole person: mentally, spiritually, physically, and socially.

Here, clients learn to communicate effectively, make amends, and build strong relationships. Family members will recognize these developments during ongoing conversations with staff and their loved one. Contact Vista Taos for more information about family resources and communication.