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Why is it Important to Have Support in Recovery?

Why is it Important to Have Support in Recovery?

Oftentimes when we are struggling with addictions and mental health issues, we think we have to recover alone. We might think we don’t deserve other people’s help because we’ve made too many mistakes or hurt too many people. We might believe we’re unworthy of love and support during our recovery because deep down we feel inadequate and unlovable. The truth is we all deserve help, and we don’t need to do the difficult work of recovering alone. There are people, treatment centers, support groups and other organizations ready and waiting to help support you in your recovery.

Allowing ourselves to have support means we can benefit from all the wisdom of other people’s experiences. We don’t have to go it alone. We have so much to learn from other people who have lived through similar addictions and mental health issues. We can take their lessons and implement their guidance in our own lives.

We tend to isolate when we are struggling with our addictions and when we are depressed. We want to be alone with our pain. This is sometimes because we subconsciously believe that we can’t recover so in a way we’ve given up. Sometimes it’s because we don’t want to burden other people. Sometimes we think it’s easier for us to stay in the comfort zone of our pain by being alone and complacent, rather than reaching out for help. Sometimes we are simply too afraid. By letting people in, we are taking an important step in our healing. We are allowing other people to be there to comfort us in our darkest moments. We can feel the strength of connection and community in being with other people. We begin to realize we aren’t alone, and this realization can bring us so much relief and reassurance.

When we are in crisis and find ourselves in distress, looking for healing solutions can feel impossible. It can be all-consuming just to get through the day, let alone figure out how to recover. Let the people who have been there before help you. They themselves have experienced much of what you’re going through, and although all of our situations are unique, they can often offer understanding, compassion and empathy. This connection is sometimes all it takes to get us to open us up to the power of healing.

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