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Who Receives Alcohol Rehab? New Mexico Statistics

The group setting of a residential alcohol rehab facility is often a cornerstone of treatment for alcohol addiction. For example, an important part of treatment at Vista Taos is addressing issues of addiction through meaningful group interaction. This group setting offers invaluable social support for recovering alcoholics. You may be curious about who you will meet in alcohol rehab. New Mexico, like other states, provides anonymous statistics on those who seek treatment for substance abuse issues. These numbers can help provide you with an idea of who the average participant in alcohol rehab is in the state of New Mexico.

There were 11,527 people admitted for substance abuse treatment in New Mexico during 2008. More than a third were in treatment for alcohol abuse, with another 13% in treatment for both alcohol and a secondary drug—meaning more than half of those in substance abuse treatment were there because of a problem with alcohol. There were more than twice as many men as women, with a ratio of about about 7 to 3.

80% of people in treatment for alcohol only were between the ages of 21 and 50, with the most common age range being 41-45 years. Those receiving treatment for alcohol and a secondary drug tended to be a bit younger—83% were between 21 and 50 and the most common age range was 26-30 years.

Alcoholism is a complex problem that has a variety of causes, and your experience with alcohol addiction is as unique as you are. Some people are genetically predisposed toward developing alcoholism, while others develop problem drinking behaviors primarily as a result of their environment and the situations they experience. Your path to alcoholism was paved with a particular combination of factors that are unique to you. Successful addiction treatment centers recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to alcohol rehab—every individual faces different struggles while dealing with alcohol addiction. Vista Taos Renewal Center works with you to design a unique, holistic treatment program that will fit your individual needs.

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