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What to Look For in a Residential Drug Rehabilitation Center

When looking for a drug rehabilitation center, be sure to consider the following topics:

Treatment Type/Philosophy:

Do you like the comprehensiveness of a holistic approach? Are you a fan of the medical model of addiction treatment? Are you a very religious person who would benefit from a Christian-based program? There are many different treatment philosophies, so take the time to learn about the different approaches out there and choose a treatment center whose approach feels comfortable to you.

Services Offered:

Do you need a medically supervised detox? Do complementary therapies like massage and meditation appeal to you? Does your family want to be involved in the treatment process? Different drug rehabilitation centers offer different services, so don’t just assume that whichever one you choose will have what you need. Do a little research—you might find some offer therapies you never thought of that could be very helpful.


Do you want to stay near home or distance yourself from the environment surrounding your addiction? Do you prefer an urban location or a more remote, natural retreat?

Success Rate:

What statistics can the drug rehabilitation center show you? What is there success rate and how do they calculate it? Success rates can vary quite a bit; while higher is better, a center with a rate higher than 80% is unusual and should raise some red flags—they might consider something “successful” that you would not.

Program Length:

Studies show that 90+ days in a treatment program will give you the best chance for success, but not everyone can spend that much time away from work and family obligations. Is a 30 day program right for you? 90 days? What options are offered by the drug rehabilitation center you’re considering?


Some centers offer their own aftercare programs, while others help you find follow-up care in your own community. Still others offer no aftercare or assistance in finding it. You might not feel as though you need follow-up care, but choosing a center that will help you find it will better your chances of recovery.

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