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3 Steps To Begin The Healing Process

The admissions process begins with a complimentary phone consultation by calling the number at the top or by completing the form below.   A Vista Taos Admissions Counselor will work with you or your loved one on a free and confidential telephone assessment including the current situation that prompted your inquiry, treatment history, and any other critical information to assist in determining the right treatment option.
After your phone consultation, clients will travel to beautiful Taos, NM to begin their journey to recovery. Many clients travel with family or friends to Vista Taos.  We are available to assist in planning your travel and offer complimentary pickup from Albuquerque and Santa Fe airports or other locations within 2.5 hours of Taos.  Click here for Vista Taos location on google maps.
You will meet with our Admissions Coordinator to complete your admission paperwork and with the physician, nurse, and counselors to get you familiar with the people, facility, and schedule. You will participate in group treatment as part of your treatment program. Our extensive experience of treating addictions has proven that group process will accelerate your healing process. And, many times patients find that they make incredible bonds with others in the group. There are various aspects to the treatment program that will be discussed with you in detail once your individualized treatment plan is completed.

Connect With Us

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Vista Taos will continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Visit CDC.gov, for more information.