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What Do I Have to Offer the World?

What Do I Have to Offer the World?

Addiction recovery is about more than abstaining from our addictive substances and behaviors. It’s also about rediscovering ourselves, recreating our lives, and finding our purpose. Exploring our gifts and strengths can help us discover the unique things we have to offer the world. Focusing on these positive things can help us to preserve our sobriety. It gives us something to live for, a way to feel fulfilled, a purpose to live.

Start giving thought to your unique talents and passions. What did you love to do before your addiction took hold of your life? What were you naturally good at? What brought you joy and satisfaction? Is there anything you feel you were born to do?

Perhaps you love to help people. Maybe when you were younger you volunteered. Rediscover the joy of helping others by organizing a service project, joining a volunteer group or helping out at a local charitable organization. Serving other people is one of the most fulfilling ways we can give of ourselves and share ourselves with the world while helping others. It truly benefits everyone involved.

Perhaps you love creativity and want to explore art, music, acting or creative writing. Take a class, read educational books, watch tutorials online, find a teacher, or join an activity group to help you explore the art form more deeply. Keep learning. The more we give energy to learning new subjects and developing our interests, the more satisfied we feel in our everyday lives, making us more likely to want to maintain our sobriety. Any time we do something creative, we’re adding our light to the world. We’re bringing joy to ourselves and to anyone we share it with.

Maybe you’re a caring and loyal friend. Maybe you offer great advice, and you’re your friends’ go-to when they need a shoulder to cry on. Maybe you’re a devoted parent who works hard to give your family everything you can. Maybe you have a job or passion you love, and you put your all into it. Celebrate yourself and your positive qualities. Be proud of yourself for anything and everything you offer to the world, and keep offering it. We all have gifts to share and talents to explore. The more we focus on these beautiful, wonderful things, the more we direct our energy in constructive ways that are helpful and beneficial to us. When we are happily occupied doing things we love and uplifting ourselves, we have a much better chance at maintaining our sobriety.

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