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What are Some Signs of Anxiety?

What are Some Signs of Anxiety?

Anxiety is something many of us with addictions and mental health issues experience on a regular basis. Some of us experience it daily, some of us when we are going through a crisis. Anxiety can be debilitating for many of us. Sometimes we aren’t sure why we feel the way we do, and we don’t yet know that what is affecting us is anxiety. What are some common signs of anxiety?

When we experience anxiety, we often are consumed with worry and filled with dread. We feel scared and nervous. We often feel a sense of restlessness or confusion. We might feel like our thoughts are going around in circles endlessly. We experience racing thoughts and have a hard time slowing our minds down. We might have recurring thoughts and experience obsessive thinking. At times we may feel like our minds are out of our control. We might struggle to concentrate and have a hard time focusing. We might find ourselves easily distracted and preoccupied.

Anxiety can have physical effects on us as well. We might feel nervous energy or tingling in our bodies, such as in our chests, hands, arms, feet and back. We might feel a heaviness, a sinking feeling, or a pit of uneasiness in our stomachs. Many of us feel nauseous and vomit from anxiety. We might feel our bodies shaking. Our heart rate might speed up, and we might breathe quick, shallow breaths. Severe anxiety in the form of a panic attack can feel like a heart attack. Anxious people often feel tired, even fatigued, because of how draining anxiety can be.

Many people with anxiety have trouble sleeping, often because they can’t relax their minds and slow their thoughts down. Sleep is crucial to our wellbeing, and insomnia can exacerbate our anxiety. Some people with anxiety lose their appetite and find it hard to eat. Others often overeat from anxiety and use eating as a coping mechanism.

People can find anxiety so overwhelming that it impacts their daily lives. Similar to depression, anxiety can cause people to be unable to keep up with their regular routines. They might miss important events, obligations or deadlines. They might stop doing things they enjoy. They might have a very hard time being around other people, keeping in touch, or even speaking.

Anxiety can be incredibly challenging. Recognizing anxiety and how it functions within our lives can help us to heal it.

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