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Volunteer to Help You Make the Most of Your Holiday Season

When the winter holidays roll around each year, many of us look forward to cherished traditions and time spent enjoying the company of friends and family. However, it’s easy to lose sight of the jollity of the season when you allow yourself to get caught up in a whirlwind of travel, social obligations and last-minute gift shopping.

This year, instead of stressing out over whether you’ve made a duplicate dish for the office potluck or feeling guilty about having to miss your friend’s annual ugly sweater contest, spend some time thinking about how you can give back to worthy causes in your community instead.

Why Volunteer During the Holidays?

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to volunteer because it’s such a challenging time of year for people in need. Those who are already struggling to provide for their families and make ends meet still want to give gifts to their children or cook a special holiday meal, but often, they quite literally get left out in the cold during the holidays. Being homeless, hopeless and hungry creates a sense of desperation – one that might resonate with you as a person in recovery.

With that in mind, here are some reasons to consider giving back to your community this holiday.

Volunteering Helps You Put Your Problems in Perspective

When you decided to pursue a life of sobriety, you had to accept that you had problems you couldn’t solve on your own. Volunteering in a soup kitchen, food bank or homeless shelter can give you a new sense of perspective on your issues and help you realize how differently things could have gone in your life if you continued down your self-destructive path.

Volunteering Gives You a Profound Sense of Well-Being

Volunteerism makes you feel good because it allows you to connect with other humans on a spiritual level. But volunteering does more than lifting your spirits; it has long-term health benefits, as well. As you’re looking to rebuild your mental, physical and emotional well-being, helping others can be critical to meet those goals.

Make Your Season Bright

Not everyone has the resources to volunteer, but if you have the means to do so, it can be tremendously rewarding to help those who are not in a position to help themselves this season. You can even start a new holiday tradition among your family and friends. If you’re stumped trying to come up with worthy causes to help out, there are plenty of online resources to help you connect to an organization in your community.

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