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Vista Taos and the Moment of Change 2010 Conference

The Moment of Change conference will be held this year on September 27th through the 30th in Palm Beach, Florida.  Professionals in the drug and alcohol rehab industry will be attending to learn the latest in intervention, alternative therapies and to network with rehabilitation facilities from around the United States.  Vista Taos will be there as part of the conference exhibitors, as well as long list of other professionals in the field of addiction.

What does the Moment of Change mean to Vista Taos Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center?  The staff at Vista Taos is dedicated to learning more about the alternative methods to treat addiction.  They’ve already implemented many of these holistic practices into their programs, but they attend these conferences to tap into new learning opportunities and treatment solutions. 

Vista Taos is located in New Mexico, but surrounding states like Texas seek treatment at Vista Taos to address their addiction as well as any co-occurring disorders.  Large Texas cities like Houston and the Dallas/Fort Worth area are seeing a rapid increase in drug use because of their location to the source and easy access to their drugs of choice.  Leaving busy metro areas like Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston  to seek treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in more quiet, peaceful, relaxing surroundings creates a sense of serenity, allowing the focus to be on treatment and wellness.  September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month, there are many events planned across the United States to promote addiction recovery awareness, it is a great time to learn more.

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