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We’re here to help.

At Vista Taos, we understand that seeking treatment for you or a loved one can fill you with apprehension and nervousness. Family and friends are concerned and want to help their loved one on their path to recovery.  Vista Taos is able to help not only the person seeking treatment, but also family members and loved ones.  Our experienced admissions staff will guide you and your family through the admissions process and treatment.

Our integrated treatment approach allows us to provide personalized care in a spectacular setting. The admissions/intake process is part of our whole person approach to treatment.

Learn about the admissions process

We accept all commercial insurance and

are in-network with the following:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Insurance

Presbyterian Rehab Insurance

Please note that we do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, Centennial Care, or Molina Healthcare.

Let’s begin.

You will be contacted by our professional admissions team at Vista Taos. Your information confidential and will not be shared with any other party.

Vista Taos will continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Visit, for more information.