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Visible Link between Marijuana and Specific Cancer

A 2009 study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse proved and continues to push their scientific reports that there is a strong correlation between continual marijuana usage and testicular cancer in males aged 18 and older. Many who want to argue against the study for the sake of legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes are trying to find any evidence to prove that the study is incomplete and unworthy for attention in the medical community. Many continue to argue that marijuana has too many “good” qualities and marijuana addiction is not a realistic phrase because marijuana is not addictive. Any reputable drug rehabilitation center would greatly disagree. You can be addicted to anything, whether an illegal substance or a physical activity. Marijuana is no exception to the list of additive possibilities.

Looking at the statistics of testicular cancer from 50 years ago, we can see that the rates of the cancer doubled. The numbers of people consuming marijuana has also doubled. The study clearly stated that men who smoked marijuana at least once a week were twice as likely to get testicular cancer than those who did not smoke at all. Cannabinoid receptors are found within cell membranes of the testes. When someone is using marijuana on a regular basis, there is proof that the testosterone plasma levels decrease. This somehow affects the growth of cells in the testes and when there is an interruption in healthy cell growth, this can often lead to cancer. One doctor who worked with the NIDA simply stated that it is difficult to explain the correlation completely and though the study was a small project conducted in the Seattle area, the evidence cannot be disregarded. This being said, a 100% direct linkage in the study between cancer and marijuana addiction was not proven, but it has definitely shown that there are indeed risks to using the drug. A person’s family medical history can also play a role in the development of cancer, especially testicular cancer because of how rare this specific form of cancer is. In fact, the main cause of most cancers are because of genetics. But there are steps a person can take to lessen their chance of having a cancer diagnosis and avoiding illegal substances is just one way a person can beat the odds.

There are many negative side effects that can be experienced by someone who suffers from marijuana addiction; cancer is just one in a long list of other ailments. Regular marijuana usage can also bring about heart disease and decreased memory functions. Yet medical marijuana continues to be prescribed in quite a few states in the US. Drug rehabilitation for marijuana addiction is possible at clinics that treat substance abuse patients. These are clinics like Vista Taos Renewal Center in New Mexico. It is true that marijuana is perceived as one of the lesser illicit drugs circulating the United States, but the addiction to the drug is just the same as it would be for heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine. Combining an inpatient treatment plan based on a solid 12-step program, group and individual counseling for the patient, family work and complimentary therapies such as massage and yoga help to ease stress and promote well-being, anyone has the chance to eliminate marijuana addiction from their life.

Smoking marijuana is just as hazardous as smoking any other drug, including tobacco. By smoking marijuana you are voluntarily putting absorbing dangerous toxins into your body and increasing your risk of developing serious health complications. The body has an incredible power to undo years of drug abuse with the right treatment plan for the patient. Whatever mental or physical stress overcomes a person and makes them turn to marijuana addiction for relief, it can be treated in better ways through expert drug rehabilitation. There is not one person battling with addiction that cannot seek treatment, regardless of their situation. According to the latest Census report, there are over 310 million people residing in the United States. According to a NIDA survey about marijuana usage in the United States, it is estimated that 12 million people are using the drug on a regular or semi-regular basis. Is it worth the risk? Consider drug rehabilitation if you suffer from marijuana addiction.

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