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Using Drugs to Conjure Creativity

There is a group of people who believe their drug addiction is for the betterment of their career. Artists that work in all mediums, whether it be writing, acting, painting or singing abuse drugs because they feel it makes them “do better” at their jobs. Recently, famous singer and now actor Justin Timberlake went on the record saying he smokes marijuana because it lets him relax and allows him to think clearly. There are better ways to calm your racing mind; you don’t have to ingest harmful carcinogens that can do lasting damage to your body.

Vista Taos Renewal Center in Taos, New Mexico incorporates complimentary therapies that help a person to cope without the drugs in their system. When the mind races and everything feels out of control for a patient, they can find help through meditation, massage, acupuncture, yoga and more. All of these are undeniably great ways to beat stress and relax. Each one of these complimentary therapies does not damage your body. Just because a drug “relaxes” you does not mean it is safe or even the only way for someone to get help. There are so many holistic choices for stress-relief, why choose something that can harm you?

Do not cloak drug addiction in the fallacy that it will get you further in life. Drugs like marijuana lead to heart, lung and esophageal cancers. Learn other ways to naturally enhance your performance skills without relying on illegal substances. Call Vista Taos Drug Renewal Center today at 1-877-772-2616 to learn about inpatient treatment combined with 12-step and complimentary therapies to promote allover well-being and long-lasting sobriety.

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