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Treatment Before Incarceration

Addiction takes many forms.  Users often do not comprehend the hold their habits have on them.  Waves of denial blind addicts, thinking they are in control of the situation, but they are in fact, very wrong.  The steps towards recovery seem difficult or almost impossible for them to reach.  If you or a loved one are battling addiction and are in the Texas area, consider residential drug treatment as the best choice for recovery.

It’s usually only a matter of time before the addiction catches up to the user.  Drug abuse often leads to legal problems.  You don’t have to let it put you behind bars.  As reported by the U.T Center for Social and Behavioral Science:  drug use (specifically heroin and other opioids) is “increasing 61 percent and admissions of persons in their twenties has increased 71 percent between 2005 and 2009.”  These shocking numbers are just reporting about the Dallas metro area.  Texas drug problems are escalating quickly.  Residential drug treatment for Texans struggling with addiction may be the only way to save these young peoples’ lives. 

It is certainly understandable how going through heroin or other Opioid detoxification in jail can be a lot less desirable than if you entered a residential drug treatment program.  Detoxification from heroin or other opioids can be very difficult. Side effects from the drug leaving the body can be painful and it is advised to be under good medical care during the process. Users may experience seizure activity during the detox phase.  Detox can be safe and rather comfortable in the care of a compassionate staff with medical expertise. 

Texas residential drug treatment programs may be available, but none can offer the same healing environment that Vista Taos can, located in beautiful northern New Mexico.  Successful primary treatment, a traditional 30-day program and extended care programs will help users end their addiction and start anew.  Extended care treatment will continue to build upon the knowledge received in primary treatment and further enhance daily living and coping skills.  Ongoing treatment can help by making the stress of returning to your home environment a little less anxiety provoking.  Before your addiction or your loved one’s addiction ends up putting them behind bars, get help quickly.  You don’t have to fight the battle alone.  Vista Taos Renewal Center’s residential drug treatment program is here to help you through the journey.

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