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Top Podcasts About Addiction Recovery to Keep You Inspired

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular and accessible medium, and in recent years, they’ve proliferated to a point where you can now find a podcast on almost any topic you can imagine. There’s no shortage of podcasts targeting the audience of recovering addicts, as well. Here are some motivational shows you might want to check out for your next commute. To access them, click the title of each podcast.

1. That Sober Guy

Podcaster and recovering alcoholic Shane uses his platform to interview a combination of celebrity guests and everyday men and women from all walks of life whose lives have been upended by addiction. His goal is to follow a healthy and sober lifestyle, and his podcast helps inspire others who want to live the same way.

2. Since Right Now

This podcast, which currently has nearly 200 episodes, is a collaborative project of Jeff, Chris and Matt, three men on the road to recovery. The topics they explore range from 12-step programs to trigger management, and they also invite special guest speakers to help their listeners understand more about addiction and how to maintain sobriety despite the challenges it entails.

3. The Bubble Hour

Jean M., the host of this podcast, began broadcasting because she wanted to dispel the cultural taboos of talking openly about alcohol abuse. There are nearly 250 episodes to explore, in which she and her guests discuss all topics related to sobriety and addiction recovery – from relapse prevention to nutrition advice. Listeners, especially women, find the friendly, approachable vibe of this podcast to be uplifting.

4. AfterParty Pod

Anna David, herself a recovering alcoholic, wrote the bestselling novel Party Girl, in which the protagonist nearly loses everything to cocaine addiction. Now, she hosts this well-known weekly podcast featuring guests who talk about their experiences with substance abuse and recovery. Two of David’s best-known guests have included musician Moby and addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Beyond hosting the podcast, David also founded a companion magazine called AfterParty, which is an additional resource for people in recovery. She said she got the idea to write articles because when she first got sober, there wasn’t much information online for recovering addicts, and she wanted to de-stigmatize the conversation while helping people find joy in sobriety.

5. The Recovery Revolution

Life coach Omar Pinto, who specializes in addiction-related issues, has infused this podcast with his unique perspective as a person who has been overcoming substance use issues for 15 years. His philosophy is that everyone has untapped potential, and that you can discover yours with the right education, support and a positive outlook. Pinto helps listeners stay focused on their goals and move past bad habits.

Rekindle Your Spark for Recovery

Next time you find your enthusiasm waning, or you are struggling with a rough patch on your recovery journey, you can get back on the right track with one or more of these thought-provoking podcasts. Use these to power through a challenging day and discover a renewed sense of purpose.

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