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The Internet Powers Drug Abuse

Although the internet has been popular and widely used for well over a decade, the way people are using the internet is evolving. The days of chat rooms and instant messages have dissolved into a pile of too much of everything. Research clearly shows a jump in those seeking drug rehabilitation, the largest being between 2000-2007. The start of the problem often begins with online pharmaceutical sales.

When online pharmacies launched, they brought the most powerful pain pills, sedatives and other narcotics into the hands of those who want it for the wrong reasons. Without a prescription, pain killers like Oxycontin and sedatives like Valium are discretely shipped to your door. Treatment centers often assist patients who fuel their pain pill addiction with the help of online pharmaceutical shops. The FDA is doing what they can to aggressively shut them down, but they appear almost as quickly as they close.

Truth be told; yes you can get these drugs over the internet, but sometimes, you do not always get what you pay for, so buyer beware. You can receive capsules of poison and not even know it…and it is almost impossible to trace it because these companies are not located in the United States. Call, and find their phone rings and rings without ever being answered. There is no good way to even check for the legitimacy of an online pharmacy before handing over several hundred dollars (and your credit card information) for something as small as thirty Percocet pills. The pills often will not even show up at your door. Many of these operations are scams.
Prescription pill abuse is rising, however drug treatment for other narcotics like heroin and cocaine are remaining fairly level, as these are not items that are easily purchased online.

Another Reason To Blame the Internet for Addiction Problems?

Besides online stores selling prescription pills, our internet habits can also lead to addiction. Often, late night web surfing, gaming and spending long periods of time on social networking websites will spike addictions. In the gaming realm, it is not uncommon for serious online gamers to become dependent on stimulants that treat ADD or ADHD, like Ritalin. These medications can be obtained easily through online pharmacies and when mixed with other drugs, can be fatal. Ritalin is used in both children and adults with symptoms of attention deficit disorder to bring a better sense of calm and concentration. Gamers use it to improve their skills while being able to stay up well into the night. Any reputable treatment center will acknowledge this type of addiction as a serious substance abuse problem that can have detrimental consequences.

As farfetched as it may seem, social networking websites can have a big impact on the substance abuse realm. The research is already solid in stating that sites like Facebook are destroying lives. Divorce rates are up because of these websites, as well as depression rates. These social networking sites are also sending more people through treatment center doors for more unusual, but valid addictions, like sex rehab or internet addiction therapy.

It would seem that you can do or buy just about anything via the internet, including drug rehabilitation. You can join an online treatment center, supposedly promising sobriety delivered to you in the comfort of your own home. Using an online treatment center is about as wise as buying your drugs from an unknown pharmacy. Vista Taos Renewal Center is located in Taos, New Mexico and can provide the real deal: expert residential treatment and therapies tailored to the specific addiction. The internet is not going anywhere, so we must learn not to let it get the best of us. Drug rehabilitation or any addiction therapy you or a loved one need is available at Vista Taos Treatment Center. If for any reason they cannot provide treatment for you they will make appropriate referrals for your needs. Fight your addiction with proven, legitimate inpatient counseling and therapies.

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