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The Importance of Family Involvement and Ongoing Therapy

Rapper Eminem opened up about his battle with prescription drug addiction during an interview for a recent article in the New York Times. Eminem was treated in a drug rehab center in 2005, after he overdosed on methadone—a drug he took simply because it was given to him, without even knowing what it was.

Eminem, who has been drug-free for 2 years, said that he has stayed sober thanks to his kids and to a weekly meeting with a rehab counselor. Here at Vista Taos, we believe that both these things are essential to a successful recovery—family involvement and support, and ongoing relationships with others who can aid your recovery. In our drug rehab center, we encourage participation in a family therapy program that provides a unique opportunity to educate family members and loved ones on addiction and allow them to play a key role in the healing and recovery process.

In addition, Vista Taos emphasizes the importance of group therapy, a wonderful tool that can be continued in your local community after you have completed your stay in our drug rehab center and returned home. We encourage ongoing participation in group or individual therapy as you feel necessary. We also offer an Extended Care Program, as we strongly believe—and research shows—that longer treatment programs are often more successful.

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