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The High Price of Alcohol Abuse

Many people might think the price of alcohol is high enough, but an increase on the alcohol tax could be beneficial for more than one reason.  When a tax is placed on a product like alcohol, you will see a wealth of benefits.  Alcohol-related accidents and deaths will most likely decrease.  Crimes being committed by persons under the influence will become more infrequent.  Even the rate of sexually transmitted disease could decrease due to decreased use and a reduction in risk-taking behaviors.  The health care industry could save millions.  Did you know that 1 in 4 people receiving medical care would require less professional medical services if they simply quit consuming alcohol?  The cost of alcohol is very much linked to how much people will consume.  However, someone suffering from alcoholism is still just as likely to feed the habit.  In other countries, like Finland, when taxes were dropped on alcohol, the sales of alcohol increased by 10%. 

Alcoholics will continue to abuse the drug, regardless of the cost in most cases.  Alcohol rehab can help them break free from their addiction through counseling and holistic therapies that have been proven to help people suffering from drug or alcohol dependency.  Alcohol-related crimes in big cities like Houston Dallas, Austin or San Antonio Texas are numerous.  Many reported domestic abuse cases show alcohol present in cases of the abusers and sometime the victims as well.  Alcohol has the ability to destroy everything it touches.  Alcohol rehab can be a critical option for those individuals who find a traditional 12 step support group not enough.  Vista Taos Renewal Center provides alcohol rehab to the residents of Texas and other surrounding states.  Based in Taos, New Mexico, the staff knows the importance of taking the time to build a personalized recovery program to help patients through alcohol rehab.  Don’t become a statistic of alcohol.  Get help from Vista Taos.

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