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The Death and Resurrection of Opiates: Heroin Use Has Only Just Begun

So, do you know anyone, or are acquainted with someone who has a drug and/or alcohol addiction? Does their addiction involve opiates? What drug were they using and for how long? Are you willing to get a group of people together for an intervention, so that this person can go to a rehab, especially one that is known to work very well? If so, then you have come to the right place.

Vista Taos Renewal Center is more than just a regular drug rehab in Albuquerque. It is a powerful form of recovery that an addict will be able to incorporate into his or her life forever. Vista Taos is a private rehabilitation center with a minimum 30 day stay. Do the research for yourself, and you will find that this is a place that has everything an addict needs to relax and learn to stay sober. They will teach you how to continue using the tools learned to win the victory over the war on drugs that is going on in their lives.

The number one most difficult addiction to overcome is opiate addiction. There are many different forms of opiates that addicts use besides heroin. They even use opiates such as methadone and suboxone to treat opiate addiction since it is so difficult to overcome. The following news report proves this difficulty. It also shows how the war being waged has been lost between government’s regulations on medications, the addicts who were previously addicted to this medication, and the companies who are selling it legally, even though what they are doing appears to be similar to a heroin street peddler.

Did you know that OxyContin and the way it was used by addicts in the past has now changed? This is a very recent change. The title of the news story is: “Big Pharma’s OxyContin Addicts Being Forced to Heroin: War on Drugs is Complete Failure.” That should say it all. Are you the least bit surprised? Neither are we.

Since BigPharm decided to make OxyContin different so that the medication could no longer be snorted or shot up as it could previously, many addicts had turned to heroin to fill that need. OxyContin was the strongest prescription opiate, and therefore, somewhat “safer” to use instead of heroin, since it was an approved pharmaceutical. Safer from the perspective of knowing what was in the drug.  Now that they have changed OxyContin so that people would stop using it in these other ways, those same people had to do the unthinkable to achieve similar result: Using Heroin, a cheaper and widely available alternative. This is not an attempt to condone using OxyContin as the news story describes.

If the government allows pill factories for the sake of Big Pharma’s income, then why change a medication that was once making them lots of money?  Heroin is not only worse, but it can be easily overdosed on. OxyContin doesn’t have any unknown substances in it, it is a pure pharmaceutical, albeit highly addictive substance and typically prescribed by a physician or pain management clinic.  Abusing OxyContin, other prescription based opioid or heroin or using them illicitly wreaks havoc in the lives of many individuals.   If you need help winning this war within yourself, please fill out the Vista Taos Admissions Inquiry Form, and a staff member will get in touch with you or simply call for more information.

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