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The Dangers of Alcohol with Caffeine

Many college-age students and young adults enjoy a good party.  Drinking and socializing is just a rite of passage to these many younger people.  However, there is a new breed of alcoholic drinks on the market that are causing severe health issues: caffeinated beverages with alcohol included.  These are drinks like Spark or Four Loko.  They’re highly alcoholic “energy” drinks.  This deadly cocktail makes it hard to know when to quit drinking.

The younger generation loves these types of drinks.  They appeal to them because they feel they can keep drinking more and more, since there is caffeine in the beverage, they won’t get as tired.  Young adults in big cities like Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, Texas are enjoying themselves at parties, but ending up being hospitalized for blood alcohol levels close to .3—which can be a lethal amount, depending on the person. 

It’s not just big college towns in Texas that are seeing these drinks get abused; it’s nationwide.  People are even mixing these drinks (which already have a 12% alcohol volume) with harder alcohol like rum and vodka.  The stimulants make it harder for drinkers to feel inebriated—they consume too much and before they know it, they’re headed to the hospital for overdosing.  Now, these incidents don’t always mean a person is an alcoholic and requires treatment in a recovery center, but if you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol and does partake in risky behaviors such as mixing harder alcohol into these beverages on a regular basis, a recovery center may be a life-changing decision.

Alcohol could very well be the hardest addiction to overcome.  Vista Taos Recovery Center understands the battle you’ll face with alcohol addiction; they’re prepared to help you.  There’s no harm in going out and enjoying yourself every once and a while responsibly, but be warned: these caffeinated alcoholic energy drinks are not safe, even for the healthiest consumer.  Be responsible, and if drinking becomes problematic take steps to seek professional help. 

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