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The Benefits of Holistic Healing

The Benefits of Holistic Healing

The ways in which we treat addiction and mental health issues tend to be cognitive in nature, talk-therapy for example. While our issues have a lot to do with our thinking, our thought patterns and limiting beliefs, our self-talk and our subconscious mind, they also have a lot to do with our repressed emotions and wounded sense of self. Our emotions impact our energy and our bodies’ energy pathways. Our emotional, physical and spiritual health are all affected as much as our mental health. Holistic healing is way of accessing all of the different parts of ourselves. When we have deeply rooted fears and residual pain that we have yet to resolve, working to heal our minds without also healing our other parts can cause our recovery to be incomplete. We might find that we haven’t fully recovered, and our chances of relapse are more likely because we haven’t addressed the root causes of our pain with enough depth and clarity. Holistic healing practices can help us achieve and sustain true recovery.

A holistic modality addresses the addict as a whole person. It takes into account the illness as a manifestation of our entire being, not just one isolated part or issue. Ancient healing methods link emotions with organs, the kidneys are correlated with fear for example. To heal our anxiety, we can work not only with the fearful thoughts in our minds and the thought patterns that contribute to our anxiety, but also with the physical causes, correlations and effects of our anxiety. We can eat foods that are beneficial for the kidneys, and do body energy healing work targeting the kidneys. This makes our healing more comprehensive, more effective and therefore more transformative.

Holistic healing takes into account that talking through our issues is only part of the equation. We also have to move through them. Yoga, reiki, tapping and Tai chi are all beneficial in helping us create healthy energy flow within our bodies. Stagnant, blocked and negative energy can greatly impact our mental and emotional health.

In addition to physically moving through our pain, we also have to feel our way through it. We have to feel our emotions in order to heal them. Avoidance, denial, distraction and self-medicating are all ways in which we try to run from our emotions. Our addictions are essentially our way of numbing ourselves from the pain of our feelings. Holistic healing helps us face our emotions, so that we can work with them in healthier, more productive ways. Inner child work is one example of a holistic practice that helps us work with our emotions directly.

Our programs include holistic and integrated treatments to help you achieve transformative recovery. Call (575) 613-4810 for more information.

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