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The Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Holistic Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol holistic rehab centers are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, offering a successful and multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment. As the name implies, the goal of holistic drug and alcohol rehab is to provide a comprehensive program of treatment that addresses an individual as a whole—mind, body, and spirit. While the healing power of holistic medicine is an ancient art, its use by today’s drug and alcohol holistic rehab centers can be viewed as a cutting-edge and even science-based approach to addiction treatment.

Science and medicine in the Western world have been heavily based on biology since the 1800s, when allopathic medicine became the dominant medical model in the United States. Allopathic medicine, also referred to as traditional or conventional medicine, edged out homeopathic and naturopathic medical treatments thanks to its rapid progress in areas like vaccine production, drug development, and the discovery of antibiotics. In the decades since, allopathic medicine has kept its place of prominence largely due to the pharmaceutical industry. While this conventional approach to medicine has resulted in tremendous scientific advances, people are beginning to realize that it has excluded other promising avenues of treatment. As a result, scientists and patients alike are beginning to embrace holistic treatment approaches and alternative therapies, especially when it comes to addiction treatment.

The Best of Both Worlds
A common misconception among people unfamiliar with holistic addiction treatment is that drug and alcohol holistic rehab centers treat substance abuse disorders with programs that amount to little more than spa treatments. In actuality, many of the so-called “spa treatments” offered as part of holistic programs, such as massage therapy, have solid scientific evidence backing their health benefits. In addition, most holistic rehab centers draw upon traditional addiction treatments as well as alternative therapies, incorporating the best of each into a comprehensive treatment program. Because drug and alcohol holistic rehab centers aim to treat the entire individual, no aspect of mental, physical, or spiritual health is ignored.

Complementary treatments like massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and meditation are a few of the techniques you’re likely to find used in drug rehab centers. These therapies are often combined with traditional addiction treatment methods such as group or family therapy, individual counseling, and 12 step programs. Existing side by side, these alternative and traditional addiction therapies work together to provide the best treatment possible. Rather than shunning traditional approaches to addiction treatment, most drug and alcohol holistic rehab centers consider them important components of a well-rounded treatment program.

Highly Individualized Treatment Plans
In order to truly treat the entire individual, drug and alcohol holistic rehab centers develop a highly personalized treatment plan for every client. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, the professionals at holistic rehab centers carefully consider every client’s unique needs and design a course of treatment that will best meet them. This is a fundamental part of holistic treatment.

The individualized treatment found in drug and alcohol holistic rehab centers offers a number of significant benefits. Because the treatment plan is designed with a particular client in mind, it is unlikely that a treatment need will go unnoticed or unaddressed. Moreover, an individualized plan is more fluid in nature, allowing it to evolve as the client progresses through the program. This responsiveness to changing needs ensures that every client gets the most out of his or her stay in rehab.

Perhaps most importantly, the attention to unique needs that is found in drug and alcohol holistic rehab centers makes every person who enters feel like the valued individual they are. Clients in holistic rehab programs are not in danger of becoming one of many faceless addicts and need not fear being “institutionalized” during their recovery process. Treating every individual with respect and compassion is paramount in holistic addiction treatment programs.

Comprehensive Focus
Mind, body, and spirit—holistic rehab treats them all. Addiction does not exist in isolation; it affects and is affected by all other aspects of life. In order to achieve long term recovery from a substance abuse problem, it is necessary to view and treat addiction in a larger context. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol and learning coping techniques to prevent relapse are important, but alone these conventional methods of addiction treatment aren’t enough. Drug and alcohol holistic rehab centers recognize this by placing equal importance on physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual development.

This comprehensive focus heals addiction by healing the entire person. It looks beyond physical dependence and addictive behaviors in order to find and treat the root cause of drug and alcohol abuse. Clients who have successfully completed treatment in a holistic rehab center will experience a newfound balance that will have a positive impact both on recovery from addiction and overall quality of life.

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