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Texas Remains Smuggling Hot Spot for Mexican Drug Cartels

Did you know that in 2007 alone, drug runners using Texas as the avenue to smuggle drugs into the country made more money than what the entire state of Texas paid out in lottery winnings?  That’s about $50 million a month.  It’s not new information that major cities like Houston, Texas or even the Dallas Texas area are hot spots and drop off points for the cartels.  Drugs are coming into the state from Mexico at alarming rates and drug treatment centers are more than aware of this ongoing issue; the problem is trying to solve it.

Mexico says it’s doing the best it can to prevent drug smuggling and to try and stomp out the large amount of money laundering being done, but as of right now their efforts appear to be very ineffective.  The U.S – Mexico border is vast, making it hard to protect every inch of land all the time. 

While there may be nothing extraordinary we can do to stop the cartels from bringing the drugs into Texas big cities like Houston and Dallas, Vista Taos is dedicated to doing its part to by offering exceptional rehabilitation assistance at their drug treatment clinic in Taos, New Mexico.  Less than a day’s drive or short plane ride from Dallas, Texas- it’s close to home but far enough away for a patient to remove themselves from their surroundings in hopes to start anew.  The road to recovery is paved with both struggle and triumph.  We may not be able to seize all the illicit drugs making their way into Texas, but Vista Taos Drug Treatment and Center can show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel; drugs may always exist, but you’re stronger than you think.  Find hope through Vista Taos Renewal Center. 

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