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Texas Ranger Promotes Drug-Free Lifestyle

Pitcher for the Texas Rangers: C.J. Wilson has partnered up with DrugFree.org to teach others about the importance of being drug and alcohol free. This practice of drug-free living is what Wilson believes healthy competition is all about. His efforts have been titled Play Healthy. A big focus is on steroid use in sports. He has seen first-hand what happens when a person takes performance-enhancing drugs to make them “better” at the game, only to see it all crash and burn as fast as it started.

Wilson made a promise to himself at an early age to steer clear of street drugs, alcohol and performance-enhancing steroids. He knew that getting involved could be detrimental to his career, and his drive for success was great. Being a professional athlete, he believes it is important to maintain a clean image; he is setting the bar for other athletes who also are role models to the young children in the United States. Drug abuse can’t play a positive role in sports, no matter how enticing the drug may be; the outcome of using drugs can be a career killer.

If you’re in the Texas area and interested in learning more about drug abuse, Vista Taos Renewal Center is located in New Mexico and can assist with addicts living in Texas. C.J. Wilson will continue to give talks around the United States to parents, kids, coaches and law enforcement about tips and tools for drug prevention in sports. He will also be giving the second annual Commissioner’s Play Healthy Awards. This award is given to one youth coach and one youth player for their attitude of good team work and drug-free sports. Learn more at www.DrugFree.org/PlayHealthy

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