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Texas Man DUI Crashes into Police Officers

Two Houston Police Department officers were injured in a crash during a high speed drive to the scene of an unrelated shooting crime. The men suffered multiple injuries between the two of them; one officer broke a hip and was struck unconscious, while the driver received hand injuries.

According to police, Ubaldo Sagredo illegally turned left onto Berry Road, right in front of the officer’s marked police car. The police vehicle was traveling fast since the officers were on their way to offer assistance at a shooting scene, but the emergency cruiser lights were on at the time. The officers were unable to stop before impact.

A search of Sagredo’s truck revealed four empty beer cans , and the man was intoxicated. He admitted to police that he drank six beers at a friend’s house before the incident.

Sagredo was charged with intoxication assault, but blood test results are still pending.

Fortunately, both officers survived the ordeal, but now Sagredo is in for an ordeal of his own, including court costs. Depending on how the judge rules in the case, though, Sagredo may receive the help he needs at an alcohol rehab program, like the one offered at Vista Taos in New Mexico.

Hopefully, Sagredo receives the care he needs to battle his alcohol addiction, and should he attend an alcohol rehab program at Vista Taos, he will find himself amongst some of the best in the business, who can carefully guide him through recovery, focusing not just on treating the addiction but on treating the causes behind his addictive tendencies. So many each year are involved in injuries and fatalities from driving under the influence. If you or someone you love needs help battling alcohol addiction, help them get the help they need before it’s too late.

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