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“Take Back” System Encourages Getting Prescription Pills off the Street in Oklahoma

Citizens of Oklahoma can take place in the DEA sponsored Take Back programs that are geared towards helping people dispose of prescription pills that take up space in medicine cabinets all over the state.  These drugs often include leftover antibiotics and other short-term medications that no longer need to be taken or have simply expired.  It’s good to get rid of these medications properly. Through the years, some of us may have disposed of medications by flushing them down the toilet or tossing them into the trash which can cause environmental concerns.  However, prescription pill abuse in Oklahoma is a big concern and many people feed their addictions simply by raiding medicine cabinets in the homes of others.  If you no longer need your prescription pain medicine, please consider taking advantage of one of these disposal programs.

In regards to drug rehab, Oklahoma has seen a rise in pain pill abuse.  These programs are put in place to help keep these drugs off the street.  When these “Take Back” programs are in effect, major areas of Oklahoma, like Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Norman provide easy drop off locations for citizens to take advantage of.  If you or someone you care for has a problem with prescription pill abuse, seeking help is as easy as placing a call to Vista Taos Renewal Center at 1-800-245-8267. 

Please help the DEA in Oklahoma keep these drugs from getting into the wrong hands.  Find out where you can properly dispose of all medications you no longer use and be a part of the battle against pill abuse.  For more information about the narcotics bureau in Oklahoma, please visit: www.ok.gov/obndd/

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