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Stunt man Ryan Dunn Dead after Crashing Vehicle

Ryan Dunn, famous stuntman and cast member of the popular show and movie “Jackass”, recently lost his life by carelessly choosing to drink and drive. Not only did he take his own life, but he also took the life of his friend and passenger in the vehicle, Zachary Hartwell.  Police said Dunn’s blood-alcohol level was over twice the legal limit when he was speeding erratically at 130 miles per hour and crashed his Porsche into a tree.

The worst part is that hours before this tragedy, Dunn had tweeted photos of himself and friends drinking in a bar. These will always be the last photos taken of Dunn. Prior to this tragic accident, Dunn had his fair share of problems due to alcohol addiction. Dunn spent the last 15 years of his life being cited over 23 times on breaking various laws, including multiple speeding and careless driving citations. He also had three charges for driving on a suspended license, but the most significant charge of all came in 2005 when he was arrested for a DUI. Sadly for Dunn, these significant charges were not enough of a reality check to turn his life around. Alcohol addiction and reckless behavior ultimately took his life in a horrific and tragic demise.

The effects of alcohol addiction can be severe and surreal. No one could have predicted the tragic loss of Dunn, but given his history with the law and alcohol, the right treatment for his substance abuse could have prevented his untimely and unnecessary death. At Vista Taos Renewal Center, the proper treatment awaits for those struggling with alcohol addiction that are ready to take their lives back. Vista Taos has patients from the New Mexico area, as well as surrounding states like Texas and Oklahoma. Don’t wait until it’s too late- reach out today and seek help to conquer this disease so that your family and friends aren’t mourning your death too soon also.

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