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South Dallas Drug Bust Leaves 13 People Facing Federal Charges

The end of September brought the conclusion to a drug distribution ring in a Dallas Texas neighborhood.  A home on Hatcher Street was found to be used in the manufacturing and distribution of heroin and cocaine.  Another home on Jamaica Street was also found to be making and selling the drugs.  Items that were found during the raid were expected: large quantities of drugs, cash and a load of firearms, including a machine gun.  This specific drug ring had been in operation since 2008.  For just 2 years of running a business, they all face charges that can carry as much as 20 years behind bars.  Does it have to come to this before they see the light?

In many cases, addiction rehabilitation starts because someone gets caught or life has hit rock bottom.  Often, the law requires that the person attend a drug abuse treatment center, or it may be that a family is torn apart by a loved one’s addiction and cannot begin to mend until the addicted family member agrees to treatment.  These eye-openers serve as a tough intervention for someone to seek the help of professionals.  However, success depends on the person wanting to break free from addiction.  Vista Taos, which is not too far away from the great state of Texas, is settled in the small, peaceful town in Taos, New Mexico.  They provide addiction treatment to help begin the healing process.  This quiet, exclusive drug abuse treatment center sets the stage for a successful recovery.  Surrounded by nature, harmony and expert staff, come to Vista Taos to have a total mind and body recovery experience. 

Drug treatment should not have to begin in jail.  You can make the choice to get help for yourself or a loved one before law enforcement makes the decision.

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