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Sleep Drug Reports on Death Rate

The popular prescription sleep aid, Ambien, may be a vehicle for increased rates of death, according to a new study completed by Scripps Health Research Institute.

The study focused on 10,000 individuals prescribed sleeping aids through Pennsylvania’s Geisinger Health System. The participants were of various ages, lifestyles and general health, but the average age of the participants was 54-years old.

As the study progressed, it became clear that those who used prescription sleep aids were much more likely to die early than similar individuals (based on age, lifestyle and health) who did not use sleep aids. In fact, when the final numbers were tallied, prescription sleep-aid users were four times more likely to die prematurely, even if their drug use was very minimal.  

Unfortunately, the study may not be entirely conclusive because it did not follow the participants closely for the cause of death; many underlying factors could have contributed to the death rate increase, including depression, mortality due to reactions with other drugs, and accidental use of the sleep aid while operating a vehicle. More conclusive evidence is needed.

However, whatever the cause of increased death rates among sleep aid users, it seems rather clear that the drug should be used as sparingly as possible, if only to prevent these underlying causes of death from occurring.

Additionally, in other Ambien news, it’s important to note that many physicians and pharmacists would deem the drug as a narcotic drug, despite the drug-maker’s claims that sleeping pills are non-narcotic and non-habit forming. Ambien is even advertised on television as being a safe sleep aid, but many people will argue differently. Ambien is very much an addictive and abused drug, it has a street value and is often sold by drug dealers.

Due to these findings, it may be beneficial to attend a rehab program if you suffer from Ambien abuse. Whether you take the prescribed dose to get to sleep night after night or you are taking it for the hallucinogenic side effects, addiction rehabilitation can help you break the habit.

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