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Singer Bobby Brown Will Not Face DUI Jail Time

Ex-husband to dearly-departed Whitney Houston and publicly known addict Bobby Brown was given a pleasant opportunity after being arrested in March 2012 for DUI: No jail time. Not only that, but he will serve 90 days at an inpatient rehabilitation facility for addiction and pay only a small fine. He will remain on probation for 3 years.

The 90-day inpatient rehabilitation program will focus on alcohol addiction. He will most likely attend one of the facilities in his home state of California. In the treatment program, he will be educated on his addiction and how it affects him and those he loves. The arrest came just a few days after his former wife’s autopsy reports were made public: she had drowned. She also had heart disease which according to the coroner, were exacerbated by lengthy cocaine use. Both Bobby and Whitney publicly admitted to having serious addiction issues to cocaine, crack-cocaine and alcohol. They had both been in rehab several times before.

No doubt Mr. Brown was grieving the loss of his former spouse, and as many people do in hard and stressful times—they turn to alcohol to help ease the pain. This dangerous form of self medication is not the way to handle rough patches in life; it will make them worse. Vista Taos Alcohol Addiction facility offers 90-day inpatient rehabilitation in New Mexico; similar to what Bobby Brown may check himself in to. But there is no doubt that Vista Taos’ program is a whole-body recovery experience. Addiction education and counseling is a big part of rehab, but Vista Taos Renewal Center offers so many more complimentary therapies that other centers are not.

If you want your inpatient rehabilitation experience to be the first and only time you need drug or alcohol treatment, do it right. Contact Vista Taos Inpatient Treatment Center today and learn about the intake process and the helpful, holistic therapies that will keep you drug free for life.

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