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Seeking Help At A Rehab Center

New Mexico Drug Rehab

Vista Taos is known for understanding how to help you battle the challenges you face with addiction.  Our programs are based on respecting the specific needs of our patients; developing and implementing individualized treatment plans.  The decision to seek help is difficult, but by doing so you are taking the first  important step to improving your health and well being.

We understand there are many factors to consider when deciding to seek help from professionals.  Can the facility meet your needs?  Does the facility provide treatment for family members as well?  Are there underlying issues or other addictive behaviors that should be considered during your alcohol or drug rehabilitation?

At Vista Taos Renewal Center we address all aspects of your addiction utilizing proven techniques that enhance recovery, lessen detoxification discomfort, reduce cravings and reduce chances of relapse.  We know that a group setting provides a powerful space to heal, along with our 12-step based programs.  Your experience here will be one of healing, respect and support allowing you to grow out of a space of negative self-image into one of wholeness, wellness and peacefulness.

If you are Seeking Help for Yourself, we invite you to read our page about how Vista Taos can help you.

If you are Seeking Help for a Loved One, we invite you to read our page about our ability to not only help your loved one, but you and your family, through the rehab process.

Symptoms of Addiction

Trying to determine if you or a loved one has an addiction is complicated.
Many individuals  believe their addiction is simply a habit, and many loved ones are hesitant to reach the decision that their loved one has an addiction. While this list is not comprehensive, there are some symptoms that are prevalent among most individuals suffering with addictions:

  • Unable to meet responsibilities at home, school or office
  • Continuing to use substances or engage in behavior even when it is dangerous
  • Increased need to engage in behavior or use more substances to achieve the same effect or feeling
  • Trying and failing to stop using the substance or ending the behavior

The first step is reaching out for help. Vista Taos professionals are here to help and answer your questions.

Call us or complete the online form to contact us today.

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