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Seeking Help For A Loved One

Your loved one needs help overcoming addiction. It’s not easy watching someone you love continually battle addictive behaviors. You want to help. Once you have passed the initial battle of discussing addiction and the need for treatment, it is time to find the right treatment center.

You Have Questions

You have so many questions and concerns, and want to make sure you select the right center. Questions like:

  • Do you treat the addiction my loved one has?
  • Do you care about my loved one?
  • Will he or she be safe and secure?
  • Will he or she get what is needed?
  • What is treatment all about?

At Vista Taos Renewal Center, we understand the concerns you have for your loved one. This is a critical step in his or her recovery, and making sure the right center is selected is of the utmost importance. We also understand there are various reasons your loved one is seeking help. These can include legal issues, problems with relationships, physical issues, or other crisis such as a recent overdose.

We realize that your loved one may not want to receive treatment and that many emotions accompany him or her to our center. We have experience to help.  In some situations the family may seek assistance in organizing an intervention.  We can assist you with that.  Help is just a phone call away.

We Care

Vista Taos Renewal Center has  extensive experience in treating addictions. Our building is a residential center with a homey atmosphere. Your loved one receives home-cooked meals daily from our caring kitchen staff. All bedrooms are nicely appointed and have doors opening to the outside  Our goal is to provide our patients with a comfortable, nurturing and healing environment.

Our treatment programs utilize a holistic approach  incorporating educational techniques, group processes, individual therapy, 12-step orientation, family treatment and complementary therapies. Our professionals are well-trained and certified or licensed in their areas of expertise.

We welcome tours of our facility, and invite you to contact us to arrange one.   For more information, or to speak with a counselor, please complete the form to the left or call us directly at 1.877.772.2616.

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