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Seeking Euphoria Can Lead to a Killer High

Going to jail, a treatment center or dying are three of the promises that active addiction gives a person.  In just the past 2 weeks Amy Winehouse, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, rapper Big Boi are just a few of the bringing focus on the perils of life in drug addiction.  There’s a better life in recovery.

Whether a person is trying to enhance their feeling of euphoria or using to manipulate their mood, those whose use attracts public attention, a notice in the newspaper or the negative attention of family, colleagues and friends has got a problem.  Drug addiction knows no economic boundary, there are no geographical borders and celebrity, fame and fortune can be catastrophic as opposed to bringing on happiness.  Drug celebrities addiction ceases to be ecstatic and for too many – nearly 1 in 4 deaths can be attributed to substance use and drug addiction.  Those of us who work in the addiction treatment field witness the success of thousands as they commit to recovery and sobriety – a life second to none.

Drug addiction comes with built-in denial so the addict is not aware of the depth or seriousness of their addiction.  Riding the high of celebrity is not typically a death wish. But fame is hard to handle and chasing the illusion that all pain and anguish can be erased by money, popularity and taking in mood altering drugs has been the demise of some of our most talented performers, from as long ago as Lenny Bruce, Elvis, Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin to more recently the overdose of Heath Ledger.

Addiction is deadly, but there’s hope and there’s a way of life in recovery that truly works to restore happiness and sanity.  In more recent years, many public figures have gone public with their sobriety hoping to obliterate the stigma of addiction and help others break down their denial.

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