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Santa Fe Police DWI Task Force Proves Successful

February 4th, 2012, proved to be a successful day for the Santa Fe Police DWI Task Force. The force, which is part of Operation Descansos, arrested four individuals in Santa Fe County who held outstanding DWI warrants for their arrest.

Although 42 individuals were listed in the warrant roundup, successfully arresting four individuals made a sizable dent in the list because warrant individuals are often difficult to track and arrest. Often, officers must target those on the warrant list early in the morning to catch them before they leave home for the day.

Operation Descansos began on September 26th, 2010. The operation targets outstanding warrants for DWI-related incidents, and it has been very successful. As of press, 898 warrants have been cleared.

New Mexico drunk driving has been a problem for years. In fact, New Mexico is one of the highest-incident states in the United States. The Descansos operation aims to impact the problem of drunk driving by targeting people who have warrants; getting these individuals off the streets and into alcohol treatment programs may heavily impact the numbers of drunk driving related deaths, injuries and accidents.

Alcohol treatment consists of detoxification and therapy, with a particular focus on the underlying causes for alcohol abuse. Centers like New Mexico’s own Vista Taos Renewal Center can help these individuals participate in an alcohol treatment program that could impact them for life, all in a positive way.

If you or someone you love is in need of alcohol treatment, contact New Mexico’s finest in alcohol treatment centers: Vista Taos Renewal Center. If you suffer from alcohol addiction and have yet to find out just how much a DWI arrest can change your life for the worse, get started on sobriety now, before you become a statistic in the Descansos operation.

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