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Risky Occupations: Jobs that Have the Highest Addiction Rates

In recent surveys targeting different career types in the United States, a list was made to show the top five occupations in the United States that place a person at higher risk for drug or alcohol addiction. Taking the lead with 17.4 percent from the survey is the Food Industry. This report only focused on full-time employees who held one or more of the following positions at the time of the questionnaire:

  • Wait staff
  • Hosting
  • Bartenders
  • Cooks
  • One of the main reasons this group of people said they have a substance abuse problem is because their line of work “allows for it.” This means no drug testing during the employment phase and no random drug testing for the duration of their employment. The survey also reported that if there was drug testing at their current place of employment, they would be more likely to seek out work with another company than quit their drug use, seek drug treatment or even consent to drug testing. They remain in their line of work because it enables them to continue with their addictive lifestyle. Also, the food industry is infamous for poor health benefits, if any. Unfortunately, the likelihood for employee assistance to enroll at a rehabilitation center is rare in this industry. However there are many treatment options.

    Another reason that drug and alcohol abuse is so prevalent in the restaurant and bartending industry is the high stress level. Often, these people are forced to work long hours on their feet for very little income. Relying on tips to make up a big part of their paycheck can sometimes mean money is tight. The stress and depression of feeling trapped financially in a job that will not make ends meet can definitely be a factor in why some choose to use. Those who need help often will not even consider drug treatment, especially something like a rehabilitation center. Inpatient rehabilitation may mean lost wages; something they cannot do without.

    Coping with the stress and anxiety that go along with the high-paced life in a restaurant business is something that a rehabilitation center like Vista Taos Drug Treatment Center in New Mexico wants to work through with you. With healthier ways to manage stress, drug and alcohol abuse can be a thing of the past. When addiction is no longer an issue, a person can soon realize that the sky is the limit. With a newly-found sobriety, a person may even be inspired to further their education so that they can get out of the low-paying job they currently hold.

    You should know that the cost of drug treatment is typically much less than if you continue with substance abuse. It is not only the cost of the drugs or alcohol themselves, but the cost of any legal fees or health fees that occur because of the addiction. There is a way out of the never-ending cycle of low wages and substance abuse, you just have to be willing to break free and commit to a healthier lifestyle.

    If you are employed in the food industry and are living with substance abuse, know that you are not alone and that help is available, no matter what your situation may be. Do not settle to be one of the 17.4% of people surveyed in the industry that are in need of drug treatment for substance abuse. If you are not satisfied with your job and income, do not turn to drugs or alcohol to ease your anxiety. Learn ways to cope with stress and have a safe and comfortable detoxification process with the help of a reputable rehabilitation center.

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