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Risky Occupations – Installation and Repair

We have discussed in previous articles, the top four full-time careers in the United States that have a high risk for addiction. In this article, we will discuss the fifth and final career choice that has a risky rate for substance abuse: installation and repair. There are several reasons we will look at in depth that can be related to addiction rates in regards to the installation and repair industry. Although it is number five out of the top five jobs in the United States with the highest addiction rates, it ranks number two for alcoholism.

One of the first and biggest reasons that installation and repair careers have substance abuse problems is because often, the person is their own boss. They may be affiliated with a major company, for example, if your refrigerator breaks down, you would naturally call the service repair line for that specific brand. They would dispatch a maintenance person to your home, but the person they send is not necessarily an employee. They may be a contractor. They may be certified in several different household appliance brands and are nothing more than “freelance mechanics.” These independent contractors have no boss to answer to and make their own hours. With no drug tests to pass, they can feed their addictions without facing penalties for getting caught on the job. Unless a client would call and complain about unusual behavior, should the repair person be under the influence at the time of the call, the big name appliance brand would probably hardly ever see this person.

Of course, whenever there is no regular drug testing, there will be people who choose the job based on that. We see that a lot, particularly in these types of industries. Drug and alcohol addiction are simply more prevalent when there is no drug testing policies at the job. Addiction therapy clinics like Vista Taos Renewal Center in Taos, New Mexico want to give people the assistance to succeed in their chosen career field without addiction. You can exist in the installation and repair industry without alcohol addiction or a drug habit. It is not the career that makes the addiction decision for you; it is the choice of the individual.

Another reason you will see a higher rate of drug and alcohol addiction in the repair industry is that many in this line of work have a general dissatisfaction with their life. It may be stress related from the job, or the amount of pay is not satisfactory or a variety of other stressors. When people are stressed or depressed they turn to alcohol addiction or drugs to ease the tension. They often do not consider addiction therapy because they:

  • Do not want to or do not feel they have a problem (especially with alcohol addiction)
  • Feel that it is too expensive to seek counseling
  • Simply like how they feel under the influence and have no interest in getting sober

Addiction is a lifestyle. Many will choose their careers wisely, as to make room for their substance abuse without conflict. Now we have discussed the top five full-time jobs in the United States that run the risk for drug or alcohol addiction. Not everyone in the industries listed have an addiction, that is not the message being conveyed. However, if you or a loved one need addiction therapy please get the help you need quickly, before it escalates out of your control. Addiction takes only a short while to completely turn a life upside down. Vista Taos in New Mexico is willing to help anyone who is ready to take charge of their life and start a life free of substance abuse. Do not hesitate to get help for the person in your life that needs help starting over.

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