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Relapse Doesn’t Mean Failure

Many people often wonder why relapse occurs.  The truth is:  relapse may occur because the person who wanted to get help for alcohol or drug addiction did not have enough support and coping skills to maintain sobriety.   Sometimes, it just takes a string of negative events before the individual is ready to move away from addiction for good.  If you or someone you care about is stuck in a cycle of relapse, it’s time to get motivated to get help.  New Mexico is home to a premier recovery center, focusing on body, mind and spirit: Vista Taos Renewal Center.

Because September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month, why wait another moment to start a treatment that will work with you to prevent relapse?  Consider a treatment program at Vista Taos Renewal Center with the ability to continue at the Extended Care Program afterwards to improve chances for long-term sobriety.  Addiction is a disease.  The team at Vista Taos Renewal Center have years of treatment success to share with their patients, along with holistic treatment opportunities to assist patients in preparing for life after treatment. 

New Mexico recovery center Vista Taos is participating in a number of drug and alcohol addiction educational and awareness events during the month of September in honor of National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.  They’ll be participating in the 4th Annual Recovery Celebration Event on the Santa Fe Plaza in New Mexico, hosting an Alumni Reunion event at the Center and participating in the “Moment of Change: Intervention Approaches for Professionals” conference in Palm Beach Florida on September 27th-30th  as well as the US Journal and Training Counseling Skills Conference in Nevada at the end of the month.  Their outreach and compassion to battle addiction does not just stop at their doorstep.  Vista Taos is ready to help not only New Mexico citizens with addiction battles, but those all over the United States who are ready to start their lives over, leaving their addictions behind.  To learn more give a call at 1.800.245.8267.

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