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Reggae Singer Buju Banton Convicted in Cocaine Deal

Jamaican reggae singer, Buju Banton was charged in February for conspiracy to deliver. In 2009, the singer was arrested when he was believed to be setting up a cocaine trafficking arrangement. He is facing at least 15 years in prison. This was the second trial held for this case; his first ended in a hung jury. He maintains his innocence and plans to file an appeal to be released on bond from jail.

Cocaine addiction continues to be a large drug problem in the United States, especially in big, southern cities like Austin and Houston, Texas. So close to the Mexican border, the drugs begin their journey to the United States. It’s easy for American drug addicts to obtain the drug as often as they can afford it. It doesn’t take long before a person can find themselves addicted to cocaine. It is an expensive habit, but it also carries serious health risks.

Cocaine works like an acid. If snorted, it begins eating away at healthy tissue in the nasal passages. Often, long-term cocaine addiction will lead to a deviated septum, needing surgery to be repaired. It is difficult for your heart to function well under the influence of cocaine, as it’s classified in the “speed” category of illicit drugs. An overdose can quickly lead to a fatality. It’s hard to get immediate, proper treatment in case of an overdose and the victim and suffer cardiac arrest within minutes. No matter how strong of a hold cocaine addiction has on a person, there is always the chance to start over, leaving the addiction behind you. Learn why Vista Taos Renewal Center has so much success with their course of treatments and how you or your loved one can have a life where substance abuse does not control you. Rebuild your life with Vista Taos’ expert counseling and therapies and live a brighter future.

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