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When is Recovery Month?

When you hear about addiction, it’s often negative. However, there is cause for celebration for those thriving in recovery. In the United States, an estimated 22 million people are in recovery from alcohol or drug use.  While that is incredible — many more people are still battling substance use disorders. The good news is that Recovery Month’s goal is to help more people get the treatment they need so that these recovery numbers can grow even larger.

So, when is Recovery Month? Maybe you are living in recovery and want to help spread your experience, strength, and hope to others. Or perhaps you are looking to start your recovery journey. Let’s explore the topic further, learn more about Recovery Month 2022, and find out when it falls.

When is Recovery Month?

Recovery Month takes place each September. Every year, numerous people share their success stories with communities and offer hope to others. Many of those who work in recovery, including those in recovery and now serving as peer support specialists, will also have the opportunity to speak on addiction and treatment. They will also have the chance to discuss the advancements in treatment options and success rates. 

What is Recovery Month?

National Recovery Month began in 1989. Education and reducing the stigma attached to substance use are two major objectives of Recovery Month. Increasing awareness of addiction and mental health issues is another important element. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has often donated funding to those providing exceptional recovery treatment.

This year, the slogan for Recovery Month is “Every Person. Every Family. Every Community.” This motto will become the permanent theme for years to come.

Recovery Month Activities in New Mexico

Governments of all levels are contributing a little something to Recovery Month 2022. For example, New Mexico is hosting over twenty different events for recovery month this year. In fact, twenty other communities across the state are part of the Recovery Month celebration, setting a record number of communities to participate this year in New Mexico.

The Department of Health and Human Services is also offering a Recovery Innovation Challenge this year. A first of its kind. It will award funding to any peer-run or community-based programs that help to advance recovery efforts that treatment providers can implement across the country. The objective is to identify what is effective for smaller populations in recovery and expand it to work with larger populations. 

Your Road to Recovery Begins at Vista Taos

Vista Taos is here to support you if you or a loved one is dealing with a substance use disorder. Our low staff-to-client ratio enables us to give each patient the care they deserve, resulting in high recovery rates and a robust alumni program. Vista Taos provides safe residential care, and extended care programs to ensure you are ready to succeed when you leave us. Contact  Vista Taos today and let our professional treatment team supply you with the tools you require to regain control over your life.

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