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Qigong-Awareness and Mindfulness

As part of my transformative and eclectic approach in therapy I use Qigong as an awareness and mindfulness tool. I strongly believe in a mind, body, spirit, emotion approach that is client centered.


Qigong is a diverse system for working with the energy of life, called qi. It originated about 5000 years ago in Asia. Some of its benefits include improving health, stress reduction, increasing energy, maintaining emotional calm, strengthening the immune system. Qigong has been proven to be effective for PTSD, pain reduction, etc.

Many different schools of Qigong exist today. But regardless of the form or philosophical basis, all Qigongs have this in common: They all require that the practitioner learns to regulate their body, breath and mind, commonly called the three regulations. The Meridians are the pathway of Qi. Through coordination of the three regulations we can learn to control the flow and distribution of Qi to improve health and harmony of mind and body, and increase stamina.

Supreme Science Qigong

Jeff Primack, the founder of Supreme Science Qigong has studied with many Chinese Masters and has combined and condensed what he learned adapting it to contemporary life. The teachings consist of several Levels and Breathing techniques. Level I consists of five forms and is designed to build up the qi. As with everything, the more dedicated one’s practice, the bigger the benefits. Gong implies investing effort over a period of time. However, benefits from breath regulation can be immediate. Sometimes gong is translated as exercise. This is somewhat of a misnomer, and the word “exercise” is used as a gentle admonition by a qigong master. Qigong is never done by rote. It requires full attention, full awareness, and that awareness deepens as one advances in practice.

One of the many reasons I chose to study this particular school is that in Level I students can start building up their qi doing the practice while sitting in a chair until they are ready to do it standing up.

Contact Information

Ruth Omlin, MPS, LPAT, ATR-BC, Supreme Science Qigong Certified Level I Instructor.

Santa Fe Sage Counseling Center, LLC, 1223 St. Francis Drive, Ste. E, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Please feel free to call me at 505.577.5322 (cell phone) for more information, scheduling and fees.

I am an ATR (Access to Recovery) Provider and accept many major insurances.

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