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Putting a More Positive Spin on Recovery

Recovery is never an easy process and it takes a lot of courage to come forward and get help. That’s why it comes as no surprise that a lot of people shy away from sharing their stories of addiction and often feel shame from their disease. For that reason alone, many people hold back from getting the real help they need and now is the time to change that.

People who have participated in the Alcoholics Anonymous program know that it focuses mainly on everyone sharing their stories of substance abuse. And even for many who go to 12 step groups frequently, they still remain silent about what they feel is their shameful experience with addiction and find they are not one of the people willing to share their story. But addiction should not be looked upon as something that is shameful because it a disease of the brain that just needs to be managed in order to live drug-free.

There have been many Americans in history that have felt passionate about helping addicts get the assistance they need to get better and not feel alone in their struggle to get sober. One very important figure in history is Betty Ford, who recently passed away at the age of 93, and was one of the first to create a state-of-the-art recovery center for those struggling with substance abuse. Foundations Recovery Network is another organization that brings much focus  to the disease of addiction through their educational  training programs. Now they are igniting a grassroots movement called Heroes in Recovery.

Heroes in Recovery is hoping to raise awareness of the recovery process and encourage more individuals to open up about their struggles with alcohol or drug abuse in order to encourage others to get the help and support they need. There is the common misconception that those who struggle with substance abuse made the choice to be addicted or that it’s part of that person’s lifestyle. This is definitely not the case and science has proven that the disease of addiction is just like having to deal with diabetes or any other type of manageable disease. When someone has an addiction, it is usually not by choice and it is not the way they want to live their life.

 According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, of the estimated 23.5 million people who need treatment for substance abuse of some kind, only roughly 2.6 million received help through a treatment recovery center. Many people look at addicts as people who bring the troubles they get into upon themselves, but that is far from the true reality of having the disease of addiction. That’s why recently the American Society of Addiction now defines addiction as a chronic disease.

Even though it is now defined as a chronic disease, there are still many skeptics who feel it is hard to compare the disease of addiction to that of diabetes or cancer. Addiction, which is a disorder that affects the brain chemistry, is something that a person can control through their actions and many people have a strong misunderstanding of this disease. This is why recovery centers exist- to help with the struggle of substance abuse so that there are no more casualties to the disease of addiction, and to educate those who do not understand how intense and scary addiction can be.

Sadly, due to the stigma society has put on addiction many are not eager to tell their story of recovery from addiction. But if only they would share their stories, then more people would as well, and we might, as a society, start accepting this disease as something that is just as difficult to live with as diabetes or cancer. So while this new grassroots movement is intended to get those who have or still do struggle with the disease to come forward and share their story. Many people would get a deeper sense of appreciation for what addicts go through by hearing other’s stories and those sharing their stories will also be able to help those still fighting for sobriety.

The Foundations Recovery Network’s movement is not intended to discredit the traditions of AA and their respect for privacy. The organization just feels that there is a legitimacy in openly attaching a name and face to an experience with substance abuse. But this grassroots movement is one of many out there that is trying to help save people’s lives before it is too late.

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