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Public College to Require Drug Testing

Drug use in college has become so rampant that one public college is now requiring drug testing by all its students. Missouri College, a technical college, will start requiring drug testing by all its students starting this year. So far, this is the only public college in the nation that is requiring drug testing by students, but it might start a new trend as drug and alcohol use and subsequent addiction are becoming more and more common in college students.

Each student will take a drug test, and if they fail the drug test, they have 45 days to abstain from substance use, and during that time they will also be provided help from the school. After those 45 days are up, the students will then be required to take a second drug test. Even if they pass that one, they will still be required to submit to random drug testing later on in the year. These steps have been put in place in order to keep the college campus drug-free and help students to focus more on their studies versus partying throughout their college career. Through this, they are also hoping that it will eliminate the amount of drug and alcohol addiction in younger students.

If the students end up failing the second drug test, they face the possibility of being kicked out of the college. However, if the student is able to pass both the second and third test, then all records of failed drug tests will be destroyed by the end of the semester and the student can stay enrolled in the college. If you or a loved one is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, contact Vista Taos Renewal Center today for more info on overcoming the battle of addiction. Don’t let addiction cost you a college education.

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