Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric Care

When you start researching addiction and mental health care, you’ll notice many differences among treatment philosophies, amenities and features. Psychiatric care is one such distinction that signifies dedication to evidence-based practices and documented outcomes.

Why You Need a Tailored Therapeutic Approach

While many health care professionals have the credentials to provide counseling, a board-certified psychiatrist is a licensed physician with extensive training and additional qualifications that give them a comprehensive understanding of the mind-body connection.

If you have not worked with a therapist before, you might picture a one-size-fits-all experience in which you regularly meet with a health care provider to find solutions to your challenges and work through complex emotions. However, modern psychiatric care takes an individualized approach based on a thorough physical and mental health evaluation.

As a medical doctor, a psychiatrist has the tools to order tests, accurately diagnose illnesses and create a customized treatment plan for each client. While a psychiatrist’s recommendations will be different for everyone they treat, the advice all has the same goal – helping people recover and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Benefits of Residential Psychiatric Treatment

Daily life can be stressful – sometimes more than you realize until you put your responsibilities on hold to focus on yourself. Residential addiction treatment is an excellent opportunity to improve your circumstances by fully engaging in your recovery journey.

For the average person who engages in therapy, it is a luxury to visit with a healthcare professional a few times a month. Compared to this traditional approach, you can make more rapid progress in your psychiatric care plan by doing the work daily. You don’t have to wait a week or more to have a discussion with a mental health professional and get at the heart of the issues you’re facing.

Among the first hurdles to overcome in early recovery are withdrawal symptoms and complex emotions. While you may be nervous about stepping outside your comfort zone and living in a new environment, you will soon learn that residential addiction treatment offers a safe, judgment-free experience where you do not have to feel embarrassed about asking for help. When you know everyone around you understands what you’re trying to accomplish and has your best interests at heart, you can keep concentrating on your health and wellness.

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Holistic Recovery in Taos, New Mexico

Mental and behavioral health conditions are not issues to take lightly. If left untreated, they will become more severe and can affect every facet of your life, undermining your relationships and leaving you feeling isolated and misunderstood. In residential treatment, you will discover how freeing it can be to break the cycle of addiction and mental illness.

Psychiatric care can empower you to make significant changes by identifying the root cause of your problems. The diagnosis, guidance and support you’ll receive along the way will give you a concrete plan for healing your body, mind and spirit.

At Vista Taos, we have a board-certified psychiatrist on staff to provide clinical addiction programming for men and women with substance use disorders and mental illnesses. Simultaneously receiving treatment for both components of a co-occurring disorder is essential for making a full recovery. To request help, connect with us.