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Keeping Credentials up to Date | Professional Development for Counselors

Regardless of your therapy specialty, it’s essential to stay on top of cutting-edge research and innovative practices by seeking professional development opportunities. State regulatory boards also require mental health professionals to take continuing education courses to maintain their licensure and keep their credentials up to date.  

Why Do Therapists Need Continuing Education?

Because our scientific understanding of mental health issues continues to evolve, counselors need to keep pace with changing assessment and intervention techniques, in addition to legal and regulatory issues.

Ongoing professional development for counselors will ensure you stay abreast of changes in your field and allow you to keep providing outstanding service to your clients. These seminars and classes will also provide you with opportunities to network with your peers and form valuable connections with new colleagues.

How Ongoing Professional Development Can Benefit Your Career

If you need to stay current with developments in the mental health field, you’ll want to look for continuing education classes that fulfill your state’s licensing requirements, provide cutting-edge research information and help minimize your professional risks and liability. 

You might have a goal of learning about new, evidence-based treatment techniques or refreshing your memory on specific practices. Or, you could seek training on how to treat specific mental health needs, such as trauma, grief or addiction. 

Continuing education lets you challenge yourself, expand your horizons and bring fresh inspiration and passion to your practice. It will also reconnect you with the reasons you chose to work in mental health and give your clients the confidence that they are working with a knowledgeable, experienced counselor.

Where Can You Take Continuing Education Courses?

Finding time to fit continuing education courses into your busy schedule can sometimes be tricky when your therapy practice is flourishing. When earning continuing education units, you can choose between in-person and online classes. This flexibility allows you to choose the experience that meets your needs. Especially during the COVID-19 health crisis, at-home training courses and webinars have become an increasingly sought-after professional development option for therapists who want to gain new knowledge from the comfort of their home.  

As you search for professional development opportunities, remember that whatever courses you choose must come from an accredited provider to count toward your required hours. By choosing the right courses, you can boost your career while remaining compliant with your state’s licensing requirements. Therefore, continuing education is more than a legal obligation; it’s a crucial path toward helping you grow and thrive as a therapist.

Continuing Education in Taos, New Mexico

At Vista Taos Renewal Center, we encourage our addiction treatment team to stay current with professional development opportunities for therapists and mental health care providers. Access our archive of past continuing education events, then contact us when you’re ready to learn more about our CARF-accredited substance abuse rehabilitation center in Taos, New Mexico.

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