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Preventative Measures for Drug Addiction

There is a reason that addiction can be very difficult to overcome: the substance or activity to which we become addicted changes our brain chemistry. After a certain period of time addicted, our brains may begin to crave the drug of choice to the neglect of everything else in our lives. We become hardwired to feed our addiction.

If a change in our brain chemistry is the rule in drug addiction, can we resist becoming addicted in the first place? Thankfully, yes: there are a few preventative measures you can take against drug addiction, including scouring your family history, dealing with pressure, balancing your life, and seeking help for mental illness.

Scour Your Family History

To begin on a path toward preventing drug addiction, you may first need to look at your family’s history of addiction. Although addiction can happen to anyone, some families are more apt to become addicted to substances and activities than others. Genetics and brain chemistry could be to blame, so if your grandfather was addicted to cigarettes and gambling, you are probably much more likely to exhibit an addictive personality as well.

Unfortunately, the very genetic makeup that grandpa passed down to you could make it easier to become addicted to any substance or activity. For example, even though your grandfather’s addiction was tobacco, you could become addicted to an illegal drug easier than someone whose family does not possess an addictive genetic makeup.

Fortunately, though, if you are aware of your familial addictive tendencies, you can take steps to better avoid drugs. These can include hanging out with friends who don’t use, avoiding parties where drugs may be involved, and being prepared to turn down an offered drug. Abstaining from drugs entirely can be one of the best ways to avoid becoming addicted. For more information about abstaining, you may wish to contact an addiction treatment recovery center in your area.

Deal with Pressure   

Another area to watch in your quest to prevent an addiction to drugs is life pressures. When life gets rough, it can become easier to desire pills or drugs to ease the pain, especially if you have an addictive personality. In this case, you may wish to seek other activities that can help relieve pressure, like yoga, meditation, exercise or therapy.

In fact, even if you are battling the choice to become addicted, addiction treatment at a recovery center, like Vista Taos in New Mexico, could help you arm yourself with alternate ways to battle life’s pressures. At an addiction treatment recovery center, the staff could guide you to the best methods for addiction resistance for your particular scenario, thereby arming you personally with the tools necessary for continuing a drug-free life.

Balance Your Life

In a similar line of thought to dealing with pressure, finding life balance can help you resist an addictive lifestyle. Sometimes life pressures present themselves all at once, like above, but other times, life’s pressures build over time. If you are not balancing these pressures on a daily basis, they can snowball to become one huge issue. And when this happens, it is much more difficult to resist the call to drugs.

To balance your life, you may need to take up yoga, meditation, exercise or therapy, like above. However, other methods to combat imbalance can be taken. You might need some time to yourself, so finding a friend or family member to take the kids for a few hours could help. Maybe you need help at work; talking over pressures at work with your boss can help you feel more in control. No matter what pressures in life you are facing, there may be a perfect solution; if you have trouble finding this solution on your own, seeking help through an addiction treatment recovery center may set you on the right path.

Seek Help for a Mental Illness

Those who face mental illness may have more trouble resisting addiction to drugs, so if you suspect mental illness may play a part in your life, seeking help could set you on a path to both a happier life and a better ability to resist drugs. Counselors can help pinpoint your specific mental illness in a caring environment, without judgment; mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, and tackling the issues may lead to a higher quality of life, without dependence on illegal substances.

Addiction to drugs can happen to anyone; however, there are many contributing factors that may make addiction more likely. Family genes, life pressures, an unbalanced life, and mental illness can all contribute to drug addiction. Thankfully, watching for these four triggers can help you be more aware of the influence they may play in your life. If you are having trouble resisting the call to drugs for any of these reasons, you may benefit from preventative addiction treatment at a recovery center

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