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Pill Addiction Causes Spike in ER Visits

Narcotic related emergency room visits are on the rise all over the United States. New York City, for instance has seen a 40% jump in just a few short years. Prescription pain medicine is the second-most used illegal drug; marijuana remains number one. It is estimated by a survey from New York’s Department of Health that 263,000 people have used pain killers like oxycodone and hydrocodone. These are the numbers of people within the state who are using the drug for recreation, not to treat pain.

Seeing this shift towards narcotic pain medication as a way to get high is dangerous because the risk of overdose is high. These are highly–addictive medications that when used properly, treat pain and do not run a high risk of addiction. Many people feel they can take these medications with minimal risk to their bodies because they are often prescribed by doctors for pain purposes. However, doctors typically only prescribe pills like these for short periods of time. One reason is because it is to treat short-term pain, like that associated with surgery or injuries. Another reason is because people can become dependent after long-term use. These pills are great for masking pain until the problem subsides, but long-term pain needs expert help to find the root cause and another way to treat the issue. And finally, because these medications can damage your organs.

Pill addiction is a deadly game to play with your body’s organs. It is only a matter of time before a person will sustain damage to their liver, kidneys and other vital organs. Overdose is a reality. Once a person has consumed too much of a prescription narcotic, it becomes difficult for trained medical professionals to undo what has been done. Get help now for pill addiction to drugs like Vicodin, Percocet or OxyContin. Join Vista Taos Drug Rehab clinic in New Mexico to break the deadly cycle of addiction.

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