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Paris Hilton Arrested for Cocaine Possession

It’s been all over the news lately that Heiress Paris Hilton was arrested for cocaine in late August of this year.  Not a shocking discovery, but many are wondering what is in store for the socialite.  This arrest comes only a few years after her DUI arrest, which resulted in more trouble for Hilton as she was caught driving while suspended.  She spent 23 days of her 45 days sentence behind bars.  Her probation for that incident has since expired.

So what will happen to Miss Hilton now?  Only time will tell.  If she is found guilty for the felony charge of cocaine possession in the State of Nevada, she could possibly serve up to 4 years in prison.  However, because of overcrowding, a much-lesser sentence is expected.  Regardless of jail time, probation and hefty fines, Paris Hilton will most likely be ordered to enter and complete treatment at a drug rehab facility. 

Someone who is struggling with cocaine addiction or any type of drug addiction can learn from this experience.  It doesn’t have to get to the point where you’re facing felony drug charges and possible prison time because of your addiction.  Vista Taos Renewal Center’s Drug Rehab program provides patients with exceptional drug and alcohol treatment in Taos, New Mexico.  Paris Hilton herself could even seek treatment for her addiction, knowing that she would be surrounded by the natural beauty of the southwest, the drug rehab clinic provides comfortable surroundings and excellent treatment for a variety of addictions.  Detoxification and rehab should not start in prison. 

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