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Parenting and Substance Abuse

It is a sad fact that 1 in 10 children in the United States are born into a home where at least one parent is a victim of substance abuse. The percentage who were exposed to drugs and alcohol while in the womb may have a life of learning disabilities and health problems, as well as social issues. Parental addiction affects their offspring in many ways; it is not just a pregnant, substance abusing mother who puts her child at risk. Growing up in a household where drugs and alcohol are made to seem as normal as television will bring forth children who will have problems later in life; problems that could very well include addiction. Even addicts do not want that for their children.

Do parents that have an addiction problem realize the damage that they are causing when they raise their children in a drug-using atmosphere? Addicts can be selfish, claiming their children are taken care of, have clothing, decent meals and are healthy. They usually will not admit to time not spent with their families while they are busy using drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse has a way of tearing families apart. A drug rehabilitation program that focuses on family healing, like Vista Taos Renewal Center in New Mexico, can help repair the broken bonds and work to bring the family back together. Many substance abuse treatment centers will only focus on the person with the addiction, leaving the family to fend for themselves. Family is such an important piece of the rehabilitation puzzle.

In extreme cases of addiction, there is not enough extra money to finance the drug or alcohol habit. Bills become difficult to pay; this is a miserable situation for family members to deal with. Addicts have been known to steal money from their children to fund their addiction. Piggy banks and college funds are gone in a flash. Then you start to see the abuse snowball. The children are not being taken care of. There is not proper food in the house, medical attention etc…

When it all becomes too much for the addict, it will elevate even more. Bills cannot be paid, food is not in the house, creditors are calling and people may be asking questions. In the meantime, there are children who are “in the way” of the person’s habit. An addict has a way making things out to be someone else’s fault. Drug and alcohol abusers can become aggressive and child abuse can become an issue. This is why it is so imperative that parents with addiction issues enter a drug rehabilitation program before they do permanent damage to their children.

A substance abuse treatment center’s purpose is to treat a person’s addiction to drugs or alcohol. When the person leaves the clinic, they should feel confident about living their life without the chemical dependency they had when they were admitted. If you have children, take it one step farther. Make sure the entire family gets the counseling they need; find a drug rehabilitation program that caters to family therapy. Yes, getting help for addiction is about living your life without abusing drugs or alcohol, but there are other tasks you may have to re-learn in the process; parenting just might be one of them.

Be a role model for your children, get help for your sake and theirs. If you would like to learn more about a drug rehabilitation program in your area, contact Vista Taos Drug Rehabilitation Program. The substance abuse treatment center is located in New Mexico and treats many patients in the southern states. The phones are open 24 hours, so there is no excuse to wait.

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